Rog Law

Black & White with Rog Law

When Rog Law asked me to take his portrait, I somewhat flinched. It had been 3 years since I had done any serious portraiture. I had grown accustomed to interior design shoots, like the ones I do for Airbnb and my landscapes. I had forgotten how to coach and put the sitter at ease, things I use to be very familiar with. Landscapes don’t require that you talk and direct them. I wanted to take the challenge on but I felt a little out of practice.

What’s great about the experience that both Rog and I had is that we had fun. I had a vision of what I wanted and so did he. Together we made it a reality.

I had originally planned a man versus the elements theme. After all, Rog trained very hard to achieve his goals. As a strength coach he helps people work against the elements in their daily environment and encourages them toward achieving their goals. I wanted to show him beating the elements. There will be atleast two more installments of this shoot so stay tuned.

rog-2 rog-4 rog-3 rog-5 rog rog-8 rog-6 Rog Law


The Ambassador, Julien Smith



Inspired by The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein, these portaits of Julien Smith were shot on 35 mm slide film with a Minolta camera, in 2010. They were in essence an experiment with a new medium and a new camera. I tried to create a 21st century rendition of The Ambassadors showcasing Julien Smith as an ambassador of technology, change and a futurist.  These portraits show him in the midst of this transformation. I included a nice black and white one which I know will be Julien’s favorite.


Julien-4 Julien-6

Julien Smith becomes an ambassador.

Julien Smith becomes an ambassador.



New Cathedral-5

Two Cathedrals Clash

Nicaragua’s 1972 Earthquake devastated the country. It took the lives of many and with it destroyed many buildings including the cathedral.

The new cathedral is a brutalist space and has no resemblance to the old cathedral.

The old cathedral though falling apart is still a tourist destination the clock frozen in time at 12:30 when the earthquake struck and changed Nicaragua forever.

Which one do you like better?

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Hydro Quebec’s Curious Buildings

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Hydro Quebec is the world’s largest hydroelectric producer.

What’s curious about these buildings is their unique and somewhat contrasting architecture. I have no idea what’s inside but the architecture of these buildings conveys two things, important and keep out.

These two example are located in Montreal’s old port. Prime real estate.